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I've Heard That Song Before

2012 Reunion Concert - mp3 download only
  • I\'ve Heard That Song Before
I've Heard That Song Before

The WAC Band Reunion Concert on October 19, 2012 at Fort McClellan, Alabama.

As part of a bi-annual reunion, this concert featured former members from all over the U.S. This year, there are several new members playing in the band for the first time. There is also a performance of an original composition by WAC Band member Julia Oliver.

2012. MP3 Download, 73 Minutes, Stereo

Listen to a sample by clicking here.

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1. This Is My Country - colors forward (3:20) (music by Al Jacobs, lyrics by Don Raye)
2. National Anthem (1:34) (Traditional)
3. Honor Guard Return (1:02)
4. America the Beautiful (3:46) (music by Samuel A. Ward, lyrics Katharine Lee Bates)
5. Dedication to Bernice “Goldie” Goldstein (2:12)
6. March Gloria (3:22) (Frank Hoyt Losey)
7. Elsa’s Procession to the Cathedral (6:42) (from the opera “Lohengrin” (Richard Wagner)
8. Flight of Valor (9:22) (James Swearingen)
9. Pride of the WAC (3:51) (Julia Heller Oliver)
10. Therese Kirby Recognition (1:10)
11. In the Mood (4:50) (music by Wingy Manone, arr. by Joe Garland and Andy Razaf)
12. The Sifonians (8:10) (Clifton WIlliams)
13. WAC Medley (5:50): Colonel Bogie March (Kenneth Alfred);
The WAC Is A Soldier, Too (Jane White);
Palace Athena March (Louis Kaplan)
14. Dixieland Jamboree (6:32) (arr. John Warrington); Copenhagen (Walter Melrose & Charlie Davis); Basin Street Blues (Spencer Williams);
When the Saints Come Marching In (Traditionsl)
15. WAC Band Members’ Recognition (1:48)
16. Duty Honor Country (5:56) (B.C.Cook, Douglas MacArthur, Harold Walters)
17. This Is My Country - restore colors (3:19)
18. Stars and Strips Forever (4:52) (John Philip Sousa)


2012 Concert mp3


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