WAC Band Music Archives

Download free concerts, rehearsals, and more

During the making of the documentary, and the years since, I've digitally restored many reel-to-reel tapes of WAC Band concerts, rehearsals, and other recordings. These are free to download and enjoy. Many reels were unmarked, so the exact date, place, and personnel in most recordings are unknown. Some of these archives are marked with a probable date, but it's only a guess. If you know exactly when and where some of these were recorded, please contact me using the CONTACT page on this web site.

All of these downloads are in the ZIP format. This means all the songs are contained in one compressed file. You must download it to your computer, then double-click it to reveal the songs. Your computer will create a new folder with the songs in it. All songs are in the mp3 format, which is compatible with all computers and portable players/smartphones. Thanks for listening!

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Concert / Dance Combo / Marching

This unmarked reel sounds like the early 1960s. It also sounds like a controlled recording with no audience. It is recorded very well and everything can be heard clearly.

73 minutes, mono

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Midwestern Tour

This unmarked reel sounds like the mid 1960s. It also sounds like a controlled recording with no audience. The recording is less than average, so there are some difficult to hear passages, but it features 14 symphonic pieces.

56 minutes, mono

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Rehearsal #2

This unmarked reel sounds like the 1960s and features 11 tracks of a rehearsal of dixieland-style tunes. The box was only marked "Rehearsal #2." The recording is less than average, so there are some difficult to hear passages.

38 minutes, mono

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14th US Army Band on 45 rpm Record

Three songs from officially released 45 rpm records.
"Colonel Bogey"
"Our Song"
"The Army Goes Rolling Along"


6 minutes, stereo

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MENC Atlanta, 1972

Beautiful sounding and very well recorded stereo LP of the WAC Band's 1972 performance at the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) in Atlanta, GA.

28 minutes, stereo

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Women's Army Corp Band
on LP

An official LP release of the 14th Army WAC Band. Nine selections. This is probably from about the mid-to-late 1960s.

33 minutes, stereo

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The Soldier's Chorus of the US Army Field Band
The Women's Army Corps Band

Recording of the two ensembles in City Auditorium, Anniston, AL on Thursday January 25, 1973.

78 minutes, mono

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Dance Band and Dixieland (April 28, 1959)

This is a controlled recording of a program. Each track is introduced by a narrator. This is a poor-quality recording and some tracks mysteriously cut off. It will give you a good idea however, of the level of musicianship this band had.

60 minutes, mono

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Rehearsal with Ramona Meltz (October 4, 1958)

Thirty-nine tracks of the WAC Band rehearsal with Ramona Meltz conducting. We brought up the level in some places so she could be heard more clearly. Track 40 is from a ceremony at a state fair (unknown which one or when).

78 minutes, mono

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Last Combo Gig-Summer 1980

Recording of the WAC Band combo playing at a party or night club. It sounds like a single microphone was set up somewhere near the stage. Some instruments are louder than others, and you can hear the crowd conversations throughout. However, you can hear that the band and crowd are having a really good time.

78 minutes, mono

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WAC Band Practice-Silvertone Tape

14 classic numbers recorded by the WAC Band in a controlled environment. The reel (a SIlvertone brand tape) is unmarked as to what year, but my guess is mid 1960s based on a few of the songs.

44 minutes, mono

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March 1973
MSG Bernice Goldstein

Six tracks of the WAC Band. The recording and performance is very good. Unknown year, but probably late 1960s or early 1970s.

29 minutes, mono

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Full Metal Jacket

Fifty-four minutes and 12 tracks of the symphonic band. Recorded and performed very well. This was in an unmarked round metal can, hence the "Full Metal Jacket" name. Year and location unknown.

44 minutes, mono

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WAC Band Conducted by
1st Lt. Alice Peters

Five well recorded and performed pieces featuring marches and concert material. These were conducted by 1st Lt. Alice Peters in 1956. This recordings are a prime example of the elite band that was the 14th Army WAC Band.

30 minutes, mono

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Stage Band + Brass Choir

A recording done with a small audience (perhaps the officer's club) of 3 modern tunes, and 2 tracks of a brass choir. Get our your bell-bottoms, two of the tracks are disco versions from the movie Star Wars.

17 minutes, mono

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Stage Band-Dry Run

A rehearsal tape featuring nine tracks. The recording is distorted at times, probably because this was not a serious recording, just one for reference. Otherwise, there are some good performances here.

70 minutes, mono

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Official Releases-Master Tape

These are master tape transfers of the 45 rpm records that are also downloadable (see above). These sound better because they are transferred from direct studio masters.

6 minutes, stereo